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Friday, July 19, 2019
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Annual Church Profile (ACP)



The Florida Baptist Convention shortened the ACP significantly. For your church to be active in the Florida Baptist Convention you must complete the yearly ACP report.  We value your church in the work of The Kingdom and do not want there to be issues in the future. 

In Christ, Brother Kent

Before you joined the Florida Baptist Convention, your church agreed to the following criteria.  We want to bring these before you so that you can make sure you are in compliance.

Cooperating Local Church:  The State Convention declares that a cooperating Southern Baptist church shall be that autonomous body of Christian believers, which by its free will makes a commitment to and demonstrates cooperation  according to the following criteria:

1) Theological:  The church shall have specified within its adopted Statement of Faith and Practice and/or governing documents, a declaration that the basis for its theology, faith, practice and polity is the Bible, with The Baptist Faith and   Message, revised in the year 2000, or any other declaration of faith which parallels the tenets of our historic Baptist faith, as the theological framework.

2) Declaration:  The church shall express its intent and commitment to cooperate with the Florida Baptist State  Convention by delivering a  written communication to the Florida Baptist Convention, Inc.

3) Financial:  The church shall annually make a meaningful  financial contribution through the Cooperative Program.  A  contribution of $250 or more qualifies the church to elect and send messengers to the Florida Baptist State Convention annual meeting.

4) Statistical:  The church shall provide an annual church statistical  profile (a/k/a an ACP) to the local association with which it is associated and/or the State Convention.


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